Estd: 1982

Khowang College
খোৱাং মহাবিদ্যালয়
Affiliated To Dibrugarh University


Khowang College was established on 17th July, 1982 with the faculty of Arts to impart higher education  facilities  to  the poor and backward  section of  the  society.   The college has been provincialized  since  2005  and  it  is  affiliated  to  Dibrugarh  University.    The  college  was recognized by the UGC under its sections 2(f) and 12(B) on the 19th October, 2004.  The faculty of Commerce of this college was introduced subsequently in 1986, but it is yet to  come under government grant-in-aid.

The college  is  located  in a  rural  tribal sub-plan.   The neighbouring areas of  the college are  inhabited mainly by backward section of people viz., scheduled caste, scheduled  tribe,  tea garden labourers, other and more other backward classes. Khowang College is located in a fertile area with 107 bighas of land (out of which only 45 bighas are usable high-land) in the mid channel bar(i.e.the build up site of the college,surrounded by 2 parallel lenticular abandoned channels)of the Burhi Dehing River.

Khowang College  is the fruit of the enthusiastic and unwearied efforts and spirits of a few  virtuous  people  of  Khowang  and  its  vicinity.    The  college  is  named  after  the  place Khowang  where  it  is  located.    Etymologically,  the  word  Khowang  is  a  Tai  word which  literally  means  Gateway  to  Heaven  (kho  -  gateway,  wang-heaven).    Thus,  it reminds  and  witnesses  the  mighty  and  glorious  rule  of  the  Ahom  Dynasty  who consecutively ruled in Assam for long 600 years.

This  rural  based  college  at  Khowang,  since  its  very  cradle,  has  been  contributing  a  lot towards the dissemination of higher education to the vast rural and academically, socially, and  economically  challenged  students  of  Khowang  and  its  neighbouring  areas  with  the stipulation  of  awkward  situation.    The  college  authorities  have  been  trying  its  utmost  to create the necessary infrastructure in the college as per the needs of the changing scenario in the field of higher education in recent years.  Still many basic amenities are yet to be fulfilled in  the  college.    In  spite  of  these,  the  college  is  being  succeeded  in  creating  an  education-friendly  environment and  in determining  its  existence  intact.    It has become possible only because of  the  sincerity, goodwill, dedication  and  cooperation of  the  authorities,  teachers, officials, stakeholders, public and well-wishers of the college.